Bloodhail (Have A Nice Life Cover)

by Godbless Thee, Mooseheart

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With this track, Godbless Thee, Mooseheart pays homage to one of its biggest influences, cult classic post-punk/doomgaze duo Have A Nice Life by reworking one of its most popular tracks. This version of the song, while mostly perserving the original song structure and chord progressions, changes the songs arrangements and dynamics enormously. The result is a track that, while very different than the original, conveys the same haunting passion as the original.

This track was recorded intermittently from March to October 2014.


I feel the top of the room come off,
kill everybody there
and I'm watching all the stars burn out,
trying to pretend that I care

But I didn't,
(No one ever does)
And I won't,
(No-one ever will)

Can't you see it's all flown out of my hands
And our clothes (are all too often torn)
And our teeth (are all too often gnashed)
And it lasts as long as it possibly can

But I just don't
I just don't accept this
I just don't accept this at all

Faces sweaty, arms and legs,
What a glorious set of stairs we make

Faces sweaty, arms and legs,
We kill everyone with


released November 4, 2014
Originally performed and written by Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga of Have A Nice Life

Drums recorded by Elliot Koenig at Hear No Evil Studio
Piano recorded at Saddleback College
Guitars, bass, vocals, and keyboards recorded at Mooseheart Studios

Engineered by Brent Vallefuoco and Elliot Koenig
Mixed by Brent Vallefuoco
Mastered by Barry Wood at The Other Room




Godbless Thee, Mooseheart California

Godbless Thee, Mooseheart are a Southern California rock band blending intricate classic prog with the wall-of-sound psychedelia of shoegaze, the harshness of black metal, and confessional midwestern-emo. Wide in scope and grandiose in its execution, they constantly strive to further develop and experiment with their sound, producing music that is consistently engaging and challenging. ... more

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