The Prison, Pt. II

by Godbless Thee, Mooseheart

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Natalie Velarde
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Natalie Velarde Such an amazing band! When I heard them play live, Brent, the vocalist, gave such a beautiful speech and it nearly brought me to tears. They became one of my favorite bands! So good! Favorite track: Mountain Song.
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"Through its' honest and deeply personal lyrics, its' oneiric soundscapes and it's down-to-earth, heart-to-heart delivery, Godbless Thee Mooseheart delivers a highly introspective full-length effort that is sure to strike a chord with your inner childhood memories while at the same time baffling you with its' compositional ambition and grandeur."
-Two Guys Metal Reviews

"The Prison, Pt. II" sees the culmination of the genre-bending approach to progressive rock established by our previous two records, showcasing notably refined songwriting, crisper-than ever production, and a strong thematic element. The record, a concept album continuing the story established on "The Prison, Pt. I", deals with themes of family dysfunction, the family impact of alcoholism, and self-validation. While the tracks work well individually, each piece carefully plays into the next as a theatrical experience that takes its listener on a journey through the human spirit.

The album will be available here through our Bandcamp and other services as well as a physical CD (and possible vinyl). Each CD will be assembled by hand and will include a handwritten letter, a lyric book, and a photo book of family pictures meant to compliment the record. We are so excited to finally share this album with you all and thank you for your patience over the last few years!


released July 21, 2015

Godbless Thee, Mooseheart are:
Brent Vallefuoco - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
John Klawitter - Drums, Keyboards
Sam Corrigan - Guitars, Keyboards
Humberto Jimenez - Bass

Recorded at Mooseheart Studios and Hear No Evil Studio from August 2012 - January 2015

Mixing/Engineering: Brent Vallefuoco
Mastering: Barry Wood
Album Art: Melina Simkins
Art Direction: Zackary Kiebach



all rights reserved


Godbless Thee, Mooseheart California

Godbless Thee, Mooseheart are a Southern California rock band blending intricate classic prog with the wall-of-sound psychedelia of shoegaze, the harshness of black metal, and confessional midwestern-emo. Wide in scope and grandiose in its execution, they constantly strive to further develop and experiment with their sound, producing music that is consistently engaging and challenging. ... more

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Track Name: Mountain Song
What a wonderful place for me to live,
In a world of grays and whispering winds.
Frozen in a meditative separateness,
I find that, finally, I am alive.

This place is right for me.

Oh, to gaze into plains of bottomless gray
Is to know that you are truly alive
And to feel the comfort of your soul thrive,
Finally breaking through its unyielding grave,

But here is right for me.
This place is right for me.
Track Name: Perdu
The memories of home-baked pies
Steaming in the windowsill:
The family cabin whose legacy lies
In its brethren embracing its goodwill:
The crackling fireplace
once complimented jovial nights
Of laughs ringing through our place.
We felt we had god on our side,

But as Dad the wallflower sat with a beer in his hand
Wondering why the world had gone so mad,
Not even rose colored glasses could hide
The man whose resentments valiantly boiled inside.

(How I remember)
How jovially they drank:
How mother tried to love them
In their house where they'd crank
Their music louder than ears could take.
"But this is family; there's nothing wrong with this!"
She would yell from tables of beer pong in rooms of piss,
And that'd be one sock in the face, and another one in the gut.
"Be a man, Boy. Get out of your pissant rut!"

And from the strike that broke those rose-colored glasses
Came the wreckage of my boyish dreams.
I recall the faint scent of wine on mother's glasses.
I smell the cigarette smoke rotting the bones of future generations.

How safe it feels in the backseat
Of my friends' adventures
With vices I don't understand
How anyone could ever enjoy.

As the tree of life catches fire,
Melting the fruit upon its pyre,
Its brethren only remember
The warmth of those burning embers.
Track Name: La Forêt Noire
How I miss those childhood trips to Santiago
And its magic woods, whose trees whispered me their curious songs.
Oh, the smell of evergreen earth at home in your lungs -
A nighttime fire
Glowing like the stars; a home within the endless sea
Of that black void filling the air.

I felt its heart beating in the wind.
This place is right for me.

An infinite bed of stars lit up the sky.
From atop a towering mountain, a symphony
Rang out in my ears, my mind overflown
With thoughts engaged in passionate dance
With that inner most part of a man that only comes out
When its fire burns brighter than the sun.

I felt its heart beating in the wind.
This place is right for me.
Oh, Dad is alone.
He's happy by himself
And I'm sorry, but I just need to be loved.
Please save me.

Jeff Mangum sings of carrot flowers
As a mild breeze runs throughout my body
And the sunflowers, as they hunger for spring,
Bask in the rays of the soft setting sun.
This place it breathes. This place, it lives.
This place, it sings to the tune of flowering lavender.

This place is right for me,
And I'll live to thrive in my mind.
Track Name: The End
Please don't push me around.
Please don't put me in that closest,
Just put your arms around me
And let me know you love me.

It's awfully dark in here -
Clumps of dust stuck in my hair.
It's been a while since we last spoke.
It's been a while since you left me here,
But I still love you
And I hope you're doing well.

I know Uncle hurt us bad
And I'm sorry I said some things that got you hurt.
He just didn't understand
How scary our world was - how scary the whole world is,
But I see you,
And you're so beautiful,
you glow brighter than the sun.

God always loved you,
But he could only do his best for us.
I still love you.
Wont you love me too!?

Why do you hate me?

There's a little boy inside of me,
And he's always afraid to play.
How I've tried to let him know he's safe.
If I could only learn to throw him back his ball,
Then maybe he'd learn to trust me again,
But its too late now.
Track Name: Neptune
Through the starry sky,
I search for the earth.
I thought of Manhattan
And all its people,
Living in the arteries
Of an overwhelmed heart.

I remember the girl
I first gave my heart to
And that look in her eyes.
The world stopped spinning
As our hearts sang together
Into the infinite molasses.

I held our hand
In front of our lake
On her last day home.
The sun sank behind
The distant mountain tops
As I kissed her goodbye.

Its hard to love a man whose an island;
As his search for god finds him on neptune,
He glances back at home
And wonders how that girl has been.