The Prison, Pt. I

by Godbless Thee, Mooseheart

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"The Prison, Pt. I is an interesting piece of work that brings some of the artistry back into the progressive/avant-garde style, but it can run the risk of it being under-appreciated. Those who are big on this style should seek this out posthaste. Those who aren’t, it’s your loss."
-The Offering Heavy Metal Magazine and Webzine

"…there is a ton of talent that shines through from beginning to end, so I don’t have anything but respect for this project. [The Prison, Pt. I] is definitely worth at least checking out if atmospheric or progressive music is your thing."
- Stereo Killer

"...when you realise that Vallefuoco is 'just' seventeen, who knows what he might be capable of in the future. His ambitions at this age are simply amazing. If you are a progressive-rock enthusiast, you might want to give this album a try."
- Mario's Metal Mania

The Prison, Pt. I, a concept album, is the first part in a planned double record release. Together, the two parts of the album (part one representing alienation and part two representing coming-of-age) tells the story of a boy's childhood, following him from birth until the end of his youth. Part one, solely focusing on the story leading up to teenage years, is comprised of four total compositions, each separated into movements that tell different parts of the story.

Musically, the album draws influence from a wide range of sources, ranging from Heavy Metal acts such as Opeth to progressive rock groups such as Pink Floyd to post rock groups like Sigur Ros, acoustic songwriters such as Cat Stevens, and several others. Simply put, the album freely cycles throughout several styles while style aiming to be a wild, mind-bending experience. Due to its diversity, fans of all genres will be able to tap into any one of the record's several energies, no two persons perceiving the record in quite the same way.


released November 11, 2012

All music performed, written, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Brent Vallefuoco



all rights reserved


Godbless Thee, Mooseheart California

Godbless Thee, Mooseheart are a Southern California rock band blending intricate classic prog with the wall-of-sound psychedelia of shoegaze, the harshness of black metal, and confessional midwestern-emo. Wide in scope and grandiose in its execution, they constantly strive to further develop and experiment with their sound, producing music that is consistently engaging and challenging. ... more

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Track Name: Our Safe Homeland
"The world is nothing.
All is dark and dead.
It just happened
with no warning for the world."
Track Name: A Dark New World (Pt. II)

Welcome to a world of pain and misery.
Welcome to a world where you'll never be free.
Welcome to a world where you'll slowly die
Rotting in a hole of your own devices.
Welcome to a world; this dark new world.
Track Name: The Sullen Suburbia

Fly through the night.
Take your dreams and run wild.
Frolic as you dream
As long as it's for me.
Fly through the night
To marvel the sight
Of gentle folk and gentle minds
Bowing below your mind.
Now go conquer them.
Sing for all of them.
Be what I can't
And don't say you can't.
Don't fail me now.
Don't rest with this town.
Don't be caught up in the chase,
Escape from this place.

Escape this wasteland.
Escape the land of social destruction.
Escape these deadbeats
To the land of fame.
Escape my failure, please.
Escape my torment and anguish.
Escape the sullen suburbia.
Escape from your dying homeland.
Track Name: Goodbye, Father

Run away to the lonely refuge
Where you'll be safe in warm walls
That violent shrieks permeate.
Shield yourself and hope that
Daddy wont go away
And leave you in a world
That's seemingly larger than life.
Oh father, why'd you have to go from me?
Track Name: Family Reunion

In this family.

Oh, why did I get my hopes up?

I don't know why I have to be one of you
When I am just a toy to the rest of you.
I don't see why I have to be one of you.
No, I am not one of you.
Track Name: The Prison

Running all around
With giants sprouting from the ground,
I jump so high and shout,
But they are so high, they cannot hear what is loud.

"So long," they seem to say
As I rest on the ground expected to stay.

What am I supposed to do?
I've been left alone.
I need someone to guide me,
But instead I wander, stuck without a home.

"So long," they seem to say
As I cry and they tell me to run along.
Mother's dead to me, and papa's gone from me,
So why wont you take me along?
Leaving me to die.

It all makes sense to me now;
I've been too large to be one of your fucking dolls to throw around.

"So long," I say to you.

"So long," I say to you,
As you have left me here
To decay and die in the prison
Of my youth.
Track Name: The Sullen Fortress
Gaze through the window at a nightmare
So ambiguous and odd.
So many distant lives by the world ensnared
By its false smiles and nods.

Oh, what a wonderful place to be, in my room.
Oh, why would anyone want to leave their room
Where everything will be alright
And everything will be alright in my room.

I've got all that I need
In the empty fortress
That flies through the night; what else could I need
Than to fly through the night, to marvel the glorious sight?

It's alright.
Well, I think I'll be alright.
Track Name: Goodbye, Mother

I hate you so let me go.
I hate you, so fucking die.

I wish you'd let me live.
Let me live tonight.