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"This is a multi-talented songwriter with a lot of ambition who has created a strong debut with Higher. This 'semi-concept' album is on a much more advanced level than most self-released music." -Mike Korn

I worked on Higher for a period of approximately a year and a half. For a long time, it was my life and soul, originally starting off as a silly concept album about a kid in High School. It evolved so much beyond that point, having a completely different sound and style than I intended, instead becoming something that sound like a mix of Rush’s Moving Pictures and The Dark Side of the Moon, yet, considering the story line I had in mind, I can say with much confidence that it’s better it ended up the way it is now.

I put extra special care into making the album feel like it was a continuous piece of music, but I feel that despite the transitions to make everything seamless, every song still stands out on its own rather than the music feeling like an overlong song like so many other Progressive Rock/Metal albums on the market today. The album is also book-ended by an introductory piece of music and a conclusional piece of music. I didn’t want the book-ends to be the average fair; I really wanted them to introduce the album as not just a piece of music, but an experience with almost theatrical qualities. The intro for Gods in Hell expresses the themes of the song in auditory forms.

We begin with hearing sounds of natural and analogue things, such as animal sounds, rain, ambiance, and an acoustic instrument. Eventually, distorted and electronic sounds come crashing in to represent how technology has destroyed a life style more close to nature, while Gods in Hell discusses the possible repercussions of technology for the human race. The album is not a concept album, but each song has a specific theme, and there is a certain continuity in certain ideas on the album.

There are some things I would’ve done differently with it in retrospect; I would’ve put more effort into the production, though for a self-produced piece of music created in High School, I think it sounds fantastic. I’m proud of what I’ve done and sincerely hope that you take the time to listen to it.


released April 1, 2011

All instruments and vocals performed by Brent Vallefuoco

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Brent Vallefuoco and David Snider

Mastered by Geoff Gray




Godbless Thee, Mooseheart California

Godbless Thee, Mooseheart are a Southern California rock band blending intricate classic prog with the wall-of-sound psychedelia of shoegaze, the harshness of black metal, and confessional midwestern-emo. Wide in scope and grandiose in its execution, they constantly strive to further develop and experiment with their sound, producing music that is consistently engaging and challenging. ... more

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Track Name: Gods In Hell
His mind is gone
Without a trace
Hasn't learned anything else
But neither have we
I am guilty
And You are guilty
Of being stimulated to death
Empathetic Tetsuo

We've become so frail
Yet also so powerful
We've become what we make
Not what we are
But is this all so wrong?
Is this just fantasy?
We're nothing more than Gods in Hell

The peculiarity
Of a wire and a cell
How is it that they've become
The same damn thing?
A wretched, vile mutation
Embedded into a skull
With such strong potential
But also with certain death
Track Name: Akira
Isn't frightening
How it just lurks behind you
Just letting you know it's there and it's going to get you?
You do everything that you can
Try to give yourself a fighting chance
But in the end, you know there's nothing you can do

Your ultimate demise
He's coming back

It works just like a clockwork orange
In circles and circles and circles
Just like a river flowing on and on
Things are not as they seem
Things start to fall apart
As he comes and destroys us all

You realize there's nothing you can do
As you still try running away
Down a dark alley-way
You realize there's nothing you can do
As you begin to tremble with fear
It's getting shorter and shorter
But how can you turn back?
Track Name: Hope In Desperation
Oh my brother
My long lost one
Where are you?
What do you do?
What do you love?
I'm so sorry you missed out on a wonderful thing that we call life
As we sit here and wonder
what was the point

And it's things like these that make me wish I believed in god
For I long to know that somehow, you're still living somewhere else
And I kick myself again and again for living in a fairytale
But what else do I have? There's nothing else

I wish I could have known
Who you would have been
Who you could have been
Is this my own delusion?
Why do I feel this way?
Why must I question myself?
Is there something here for me to understand and comprehend?

Oh Joshua,
Wherever you are
You mean so much to me
But how can this be?
I've never met you
I'll never meet you
You're not even there
You're not ever there
The unknown one
Where are you?
Where are you?
Track Name: Who Are You?
Talkin' to a sort of Pantomime
It happens all of the god damn time
Impressin' people with all their crowd pleasers
They go home and cry and cry and cry

They can never know

Who are you?
Who are you?
You tell me everything
About who you are
And though I feel you
And though I see you,
I just can't hear you
I just can't hear you

Is there something wrong with me?
Is there something wrong with us?

My ears feel like they're trapped in a box,
But I still feel like there's something there
I try not to be dressed in a costume,
But there are costumes everywhere
A man wearing shining armor
says he can kill a dragon,
But that dragon eats him up
as everyone laughs in shock,
trying to run away
from something inside of them,
but something inside of you
goes wherever you go.

I still don't understand
Who you are
Who you are
I still don't really understand
Who you are
Track Name: A Doll's House
Our love is falsely wonderful
I hate you, you hate me
They can't see the cracks through the glass
Blind eyes for $10 costumes

If they saw truth, they'd say "Tragedy",
But they'd not understand the truth

At least I can see through their fucking costumes
At least I can see through their cheesy costumes
At least I can see through their suppressed costumes
At least I can see through their denial

Who are they to tell us how we should feel?
We're forced together with hate, so let us part
You'll never see me again, you'll never imprison me again
Imprison me in this playhouse, this web of fucking lies
We may not get into heaven, but hell is holier than any paradise
So let us take the burden upon ourselves

If your bronze age morals of kindred through flesh and blood in a bundle of sticks is true,
Let's illegalize breakin' bundles, let's illegalize breakin' bundles